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Updating ideas for a wet bar

IDEA: Save desk space by building in lights, such as recessed cans or the pucks used here.

Use high-intensity, long-lasting xenon bulbs, and position the light switch within arm's reach.

Fitted with doors, they help maintain the integrity of period interiors by concealing modern amenities like computer workstations or a mini fridge in a wet bar.

You don't have to spend a fortune to get those good looks and the improved functionality, either.

Constructed of solid 1½-inch lumber, the shelves are sturdy enough to support heavy loads of art and reference books along with display items.

Recessed built-ins require more planning and construction than ones that attach directly to the wall, but they are the best choice for conserving precious floor space.

Eliminating the need for a chair kept the high-traffic area clear of obstacles and also freed up room for three rows of drawers under a 36-inch-high, stained-wood countertop.To retrofit an existing bedroom for a built-in desk, you could colonize a closet or steal space from an adjoining room for a bumpout.For a child's room, build with an eye toward the future: The desk is sized just right for a youngster, about 27 inches off the ground, as opposed to 30 inches for adults.Come cocktail time, the doors open out into the room, slide back into recesses flanking either side of the bar, and then disappear behind hinged trim boards that close snugly over the openings.IDEA: Use the back walls of built-ins to boost aesthetics and function.

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The top drawers hold office supplies, the middle ones are for hanging files, and the bottom ones stow newspapers and catalogs until they're ready to be dumped into the recycling bin.