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There may be significant spec stabilization, foundational work, or additional community input required before we can begin development.Allows access to see the battery level of the device's battery Roadmap Priority: Low — We are still evaluating this technology.Unprefixed version: Microsoft Edge build 16299 View Changelog: Build Number 16299 Allows servers to identify resources that will not be updated during their freshness lifetime, thus, ensuring that a client never needs to revalidate a cached fresh resource to be certain it has not been modified.Unprefixed version: Microsoft Edge build 15042 View Changelog: Build Number 15042 Adds APIs to the canvas 2D context that make it possible to draw a focus ring around a canvas path and notify the operating system of the bounding box of the focused object for accessibility.We have added code to tell Internet Explorer 9 to use a feature that essentially tells the browser to behave as if it is Internet Explorer version 8, the last release of the browser on which we know the Quantum CMS authoring tool works.This is still a work-around, but it no longer requires you to tell your browser to switch to Compatibility Mode since this will now happen automatically.

Unprefixed version: Microsoft Edge build 14342 View Changelog: Build Number 14342 Allows you to construct Blobs directly (var blob = new Blob(["1234"], )).Allows for true vertical centering among other features.Roadmap Priority: Low — We are still evaluating this technology.We also posted work-arounds for using the Quantum CMS authoring tool in Internet Explorer 9.As of yesterday afternoon we have deployed a longer-term fix until the rendering issues with Internet Explorer 9 and the WYSIWYG editor are corrected.

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Unprefixed version: Microsoft Edge build 14393 View Changelog: Build Number 14393 Full support for new WAI-ARIA 1.1 roles, states, and properties which define new accessible user interface elements since WAI-ARIA 1.0.

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