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Sri linka dating site

* Add chillies and curry leaves, fry till golden * Add potato fry for 2 minutes * Add salt and chilli powder fry for another minute * Then add water or coconut milk to cover the potatoes * Let it cook for about 10 minutes while stirring in between (Taste test the salt) * Once the potatoes are cooked stir well and the curry is ready.

Western region of Sri Lanka has foreign influence much more than other regions.

When it is boiled take out the gambooge and minced it with little boiled water. * Cut the fish into pieces and wash it well with salt mix water and put it into a saucepan.

Then put all the rest of the ingredients, including gambooge paste into the saucepan & mix well with fish pieces with little water. * Final step is put the rest of the water (2 1/2cups) in to the saucepan and cook the fish in medium heat till the gravy is become so thick. Boiled potatoes well cooked on thick coconut milk is the basic recipe of this particular food item.

The Palm, Coconut, Kithul, Palmyra from which the treacle is made will vary accordingly.

Sri Lankans also like several juicy sweetmeats like Kavum, kokis, Halape, Thalaguli and Wattalapam etc.

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