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Software updating for palm treo 750

When busy, you can now reject calls with a canned or bespoke text message.There's a neat facility for using phonebook photos as touch-sensitive speed-dial keys - so you prod your friend's face to call them up.A dial window means that you can make calls without leaving the 'Today' standby screen.Onscreen options allow you to access voicemail options without having to press any number keys.One of the issues for fans of Palm Treos is that with Windows Mobile software onboard, many of the device's facilities, the interface and features list are standard Microsoft fare that are commonplace in all other Windows Mobile-based handsets.They'd be familiar to any user of the many HTC-sourced devices that dominate the Windows Mobile market, However, Palm has insisted on some interesting additions to the interface and functionality of the phone.Download ucbrowser(ucweb) from by using their Internet Explorer. Then install it, Open it from the programs menu, after it has been opened click on search from the ucweb homepage.

But there is something rather different about this new Palm.

The Treo 750v is a chunky monobloc handset but weighing in at just over 150g, is actually much more manageable than many Pocket PC rivals.

It also keeps its dimensions trim by being the first Treo with an internal patch antenna.

You need to press the Windows key to access the full menu of programs and facilities - and you can end up having to take this circuitous route simply to fire up the camera, or get the web browser working.

Although this phone boasts 3G capability, it rather surprisingly makes do without video calling.

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It may look like previous Treos, but this one turns its back on tradition by not using the Palm operating system.

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