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An online self-completion survey found that 0.8 per cent of approximately 10,000 respondents had transgender identities and that around half of this population – or 40 individuals – had undergone gender reassignment surgery.

If the proposals go ahead, the change would leave the Government without accurate data on the number of men and women officially living in the country.

USSR launches Sputnik, first artificial earth satellite.

In response, US forms the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), the following year, within the Department of Defense (Do D) to establish US lead in science and technology applicable to the military (:amk:) TX-2 at MIT Lincoln Lab and AN/FSQ-32 at System Development Corporation (Santa Monica, CA) are directly linked (without packet switches) via a dedicated 1200bps phone line; Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) computer at ARPA later added to form "The Experimental Network" National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Middlesex, England develops NPL Data Network under Donald Watts Davies who coins the term packet.

British citizens may not have to reveal their gender to the Government in the next census following a review.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has undertaken research as to whether the 2021 census should ask questions about people’s gender identity as well as their biological sex.

Einar Stefferud soon took over as moderator as the list was not automated at first.

“It does not contain proposed census questions and suggests further research is required.CSNET later becomes known as the Computer and Science Network.(:amk,lhl:) is assigned on 15 March to become the first registered domain.The first text is the US Declaration of Independence (:dhr,msh:) International Conference on Computer Communications (ICCC) at the Washington D. Hilton with demonstration of ARPANET between 40 machines and the Terminal Interface Processor (TIP) organized by Bob Kahn.(October) International Network Working Group (INWG) formed in October as a result of a meeting at ICCC identifying the need for a combined effort in advancing networking technologies. By 1974, INWG became IFIP WG 6.1 (:vgc:) First ARPANET mailing list, Msg Group, is created by Steve Walker.

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