Physical immortality dating

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Physical immortality dating

Physical trauma would remain as a threat to perpetual physical life, even if the problems of aging and disease were overcome, as an otherwise immortal person would still be subject to unforeseen accidents or catastrophes.

Ideally, any methods to achieve physical immortality would mitigate the risk of encountering trauma.

What kind of suppositions I have come up with over the years, and what others have tried somewhat desparately to convince me of lol....

For me, I have this absolute certainty that my body is necessary as a home for my spirit. And I also feel with absolute certainty (I can already see this in someone's quote lol) that life goes on in some fashion.

Artificial devices attached directly to the nervous system may restore sight to the blind.

Drugs are being developed to treat myriad other diseases and ailments.

On the other hand, biological immortality already exists among some simple, but multicellular life-forms.

Biological forms have inherent limitations — for example, their fragility and slow adaptability to changing environments, which may or may not be able to be overcome through medical interventions, engineering, etc.

Aubrey de Grey, a leading researcher in the field, defines ageing as follows: “a collection of cumulative changes to the molecular and cellular structure of an adult organism, which result in essential metabolic processes, but which also, once they progress far enough, increasingly disrupt metabolism, resulting in pathology and death.” The current causes of ageing in humans are cell loss (without replacement), oncogenic nuclear mutations and epimutations, cell senescence, mitochondrial mutations, lysosomal aggregates, extracellular aggregates, random extracellular cross-linking, immune system decline, and endocrine changes.

Eliminating ageing would require finding a solution to each of these causes, a program de Grey calls engineered negligible senescence.

I will impart my love/wisdom and then my job on this earth is donelet me go quietly in my sleep like my parents didamen* hmmm I makes a difference to a person's beliefs if they are single, or have children...even how much spirit or strength they see themselves as having? I was just thinking that if healthy, I would want to live a long time like alli oop, but I also don't think its over 'when its over! Eventually our sun will no longer be source of energy to this planet. However if it is true that we are are spiritual beings with the occasional physical experience, then we do live on POF dearest you can reincarnate with a new "label" but keep the age don't know who started this whole thingy with coming back and soul stuff, but the old Egyptians were masters in planning for the afterlife and I guess that belief caught on and stuck. ...we're doomed Would be interesting though to come back every 50 years or so for a peek to see what's newhehehehehe^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^and YOU don't think someone's watching over your shoulder, ML???????? Although humans have made huge strides in life expectancy, life systems tend to wear down, and nobody gets out alive. I doubt many folk would want immortality for very long. Several aspects have already been mentioned: Life after the death of the body. I also believe that as time passes our priorities change and we may or not desire to continue this existence. don't just never know when it could end....

Suppose every one is spending the kids inheritance now on building tombs and pyramids and don't forget the virgin for sacrifice.....ooooohps ??? hmmmmmpfffffffft...'nuther puff of smoke.....there he goooooooooes! ahhhhhh ta be immortal.....luvyall If I were given the choice of immortality I would take it without a second thought. I think, once our bodies crap-out, we loose the will to live. I think, all this come back stuff, religious and otherwise, just ain't gonna happen. Perhaps our work is done at some point and we are ready to graduate, move on. I see it as a form of release from all this suffering. There are a few things that as a soul I want to experience and grow through. I don't know, but as regards my family and friends, I hope so edit: oh and who started that nasty rumour about no sex?? ooooh aaahhhh ;)This morning I received an email entitled 'Stupidity'.. This one one of them: Question: If you could live forever, would you and why? and you might not be fortunate to make a comeback like I did.

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By definition, all causes of death must be overcome or avoided for physical immortality to be achieved.

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