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Mindful dating com

Best of all would be a learning partner—someone who is also single and who will join you on your mindfulness dating-jaunts, or at least discuss them with you by phone both before and after the trip. Go to a café or speak on the phone and share your insights and reflections.If you prefer to do this alone (and can’t be budged to reconsider! Exercise 1: Notice Your Patterns The next time you go to a party, bar, club or a gathering where there are single people, try this exercise: PART A: Change nothing in what you do. If you did this alone, go to a café or to anywhere comfortable, and write down your reflections.

Here are some of the things she noticed: I found another woman standing alone, so I smiled at her and we began to talk.Even a slight change will open up new insights and give you a liberating sense of movement and possibility.Jill decided to try this field trip exercise at an upcoming birthday party where she would be the guest of her friend Dana—who was also her learning partner.I also enlisted the help of a wise therapist, telling him I wanted homework in mindful dating.The tools I learned from them had a huge impact upon how I dated.

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The search for a loving partner is one of our great life-tasks.