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Light fixture updating

At about for 6 of the globes, we’d be saving a lot of money since most of the fixtures I’ve seen are about that much for one – But I’m still not sold yet…

Instead of picking out an entire new fixture, we could try just replacing the globes!I roughed up the brass a little bit with some fine sandpaper to help the paint adhere, but honestly, I didn’t try super hard to make sure I sanded every inch or get into all the nooks and crannies.Since the spray paint I used was made for metal and light fixtures aren’t in high traffic areas that would make it susceptible to paint chipping, durability wasn’t as much of a concern as it would have been for a piece of furniture, for example.Although I’d prefer a fixture with straight lines throughout, our current ones are in good shape and could be given a new life with updated globes.Here are the options I brought home to try out: We’ve got: Here are the original lights again – You can see the globes a bit better in these photos: To try the new ones, I took the lightbulbs out and then unscrewed the hardware holding the old glass in place.

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I especially love keeping up with Elizabeth of The Mustard Ceiling because she tends to pin photos before her “Bam or Slam” feature (love that, btw…you should check it out and weigh in on the decision).

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