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allows you to watch up to four live sex cams at the same time, and see who is watching your live webcam.

Tapes invites you into an intimate process: a process that is necessary, but is also erotic, and therein lies many revelations. All of the sexy stuff Stephen Lavelle makes (NSFW) I know it’s sort of unfair to include more than one game by someone, but at the time of writing I wanted to include Stephen’s game Striptease and it kept crashing on startup on my rubbish Mac Book.

It made me think about how many people think of a disability as a flaw, as being something that must be overcome. So what I really want to say is: Stephen has made more than one game about sexuality, and they are all quite bloody interesting. Mind F*** by Anna Anthropy (SFW, however it requires a partner to play with and I’m not sure Dave from accounts will play it with you) This list would be totally incomplete without Anna’s work.

Watching and reading the process unfold is a touching, gentle experience, and though no sex acts per se are embarked upon, you know those two are at it like rabbits when we’re not around. A recent discovery, trawling through his games, has been sub/conscious, which is a game that messes with your computer like it is a simulation of your filthy mind, playing with your sex-obsessed brainpipes and generally having the power to really freak you out. You can play any number of her games for free, ranging from Sex Cops of Tickle City all the way to Triad, her game about how to share a bed when you’re polyamorous and have exhausted your sexual appetite for the night.A shout out to the mysterious ‘Dildos Inc’, who did the music for this. System Shock and Dishonored developer Harvey Smith said it was one of his favourite games of 2012.Porpentine’s Twine games are the gentry in terms of sophistication.Anna’s concern with the physical space outside our computer peripherals is present in her masterpiece of sexual tension, Mind F***.Although you might have to download this baby to play it and have a sexy partner to play it with, Mind F*** is just that: you stare down your partner with the f***-me eyes until one of you hits the button.

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