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We've launched a Kickstarter campaign for the full version of Something To Do WIth Love.Check it out here: https:// Check it out on Steam here: Support us on Patreon here: https:// Studio Something To Do With Love is a slice of life romance story with animal people.Purchases are appreciated, but feedback is equally important. Miguel has found a thief in the building and explodes at the beginning of the podcast.In fact, this book is so profoundly practical that I'm right now thinking about Jeanne's wisdom in the context of my own marriage—her focus is Jesus, and her insights are treasure. Jeanne Mayo has without a doubt made it clear that she gives these two things freely.

Producer Ryan had to do something strange for his part time job last week, Holly had a drunken, awkward Cinco De Mayo night.

Holly sheds tears over a work situation and Miguel reveals something big from his personal life that happened.

Miguel, Holly and Ryan dive into why they do or don't dwell on issues longer than they should. Miguel went on a cruise ship and was Blown Off but had a forbidden cruise romance.

We address the situation with Colin Kaepernick, and a video that has surfaced tearing him apart. The Miguel Show Uncensored talks about pride, and shenanigans that ensued. MIGUEL CALLS OUT ONE RYAN’S BEST PHYSICAL FEATURES AND WE FIND OUT WHO HE IS. PETE PRIDE WEEKEND AND WHY HOLLY WILL PROBABLY GET LOST.

Miguel almost lost a listener because of how he acted Saturday night.

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Producer Ryan loses his cool about something Miguel did.