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It lets you buy in advance the right to purchase or sell some asset with the fixed price. Just imagine for a second that you are an oil tycoon. As experienced in this business, you realize clearly the extent of risk in this activity. You can see the chart of oil price movement for the last 5 years.Let you buy a 1-year Put option every year on December 24 instead of eating Christmas pudding. And nowadays, market met derivatives of them - these tools are exactly called this way - "derivatives". And some time ago, trading basic assets (currency, stocks, raw) was popular.

If you wish, you can test this rule with your experience. Rules about how to make money trading options are quite simple, so “The Bullet” suits for novice traders perfectly.If the price falls for just a pip in a minute, you will be in profits (“Won”), if it doesn’t change – this is “Tie”, and if it rises – you lose (“Lost”). You know the amount of forecasted profit and extent of risk before opening the order.And this is the primary advantage of binary options!You can read about the company I trust in the article: “TOP-5 Facts You Didn’t Know about UTRADER: Reviews, Feedbacks and Proven Ways to Make Money”.If you wish, you can try to find your perfect broker yourself. Each reliable company will request scans of specific documents for verification, when you open a trading account.

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