Dating my daughters teacher

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Since her daughter's story broke, Powers said she received more than 5,000 emails from all over the county, many from parents worried that their own children may be in a similar situation.Teacher having affairs with students over 18 are illegal in 23 states, including Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Connecticut and Kansas, according to Olsen.In some states, it is a felony offense that forbids affairs between them at the same school, regardless of age.Olsen's bill is one of several measures Republicans are proposing to make it easier for school districts to fire and punish educators who engage in criminal behavior.A 41-year-old high school teacher exchanges thousands of text messages with his student, then leaves his wife and three children to date her.The couple then goes on national TV, saying their relationship didn't become physical until she turned 18.

Olsen, who has three children of her own, said teachers need to face harsher punishments when they violate the community's trust by seducing their students.

In the state, affairs between teachers and of-age students are frowned upon but not illegal.

The issue is left to policies set by individual school districts.

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Hi Ok so basically I'm in a bit of a weird situation so you probably need to hear the full thing.

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If the relationship did not turn physical until recently, Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson said, there is little that authorities can do.

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