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My Danish friends say: “The Swedes are a bit stuck-up and boring” whereas the Swedes will simply shrug their shoulders and admit that “Danes and Swedes are different.We really don’t understand each other so well” and put it down to a language problem.Fifteen years ago the Swedes headed to Denmark for cheap shopping.Today things have changed and Sweden is cheaper for almost everything, except alcohol.Not only do I leave behind the Swedish kronor, the complimentary glass of tap water which is easily available in every Swedish restaurant and the “safe” Swedish environment, but I enter a world full of kamikaze cyclists, where a “fika” (coffee and slice of chocolate cake) for two people can sometimes set you back DKK 255 (322 kronor, ) and where everyone seems to look different.

Instead of collecting “adult” points for a Volvo, summer-house and perfect ratio of two kids (one boy and one girl) two years apart, they’re quite happy with their hippy friends, knocking back a few beers and cycling a beat-up old bike to work.But for sure, they are further south, meaning less bitter winters and the possibility of travelling by road or rail to Continental Europe.However, crossing the bridge from my new abode in Malmö is always a cultural change.But is it really a few degrees latitude which sets the Danes apart from their Swedish neighbours?What is a typical Dane and what is typically Danish?

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Even if they have lived abroad for a few years, most of them never quite lose a trace of that Danish accent.

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