Consolidating bad credit

Posted by / 14-Apr-2018 07:47

The process for consolidating private student loans is focused around your credit score.If your credit score has improved dramatically since graduation, you may be in line for a lower interest rate.If you’re paying off federal student loans, you are one of 44 million borrowers with outstanding student loan debt.

Most of them could streamline the repayment process by consolidating their student loans. Get Financial Help Now It simplifies repayment and could save you money.You can’t include private loans when consolidating through the federal Direct Consolidation Loan program.You can include federal loans when consolidating with a private lender, but you lose the perks associated with federal loans so it’s best not to mix the two.The first stage of review to verify how many of our loans qualify for consolidation.Then decide if you want a payment plan based on your current income or prefer a longer repayment period to get the lowest fixed payment possible.

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Your options are determined by the amount of debt you carry and the difficulty you have meeting monthly payment obligations.