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In fact, the first iteration of what became Danger’s first device was nicknamed “Peanut.” In 2000, Danger Inc.

had a vision to make data from the Internet accessible to the average person on the go.

Normalement les fichiers sur la mémoire de masse ne seront pas touchés, mais pensez à les sauvegarder au cas où…D’ailleurs, il préférable de tout formater (formater la mémoire de masse avant également), surtout si vous avez des applications installées sur celle-ci.

Le Hard Reset efface toutes les données sur la mémoire interne et rétablit les paramètres d’usine.“Two-way pagers have made important contributions such as the thumb keyboard, but fall short on usability, attachments, graphics, sound, and style.The Hiptop solves these shortcomings and delivers the entire Internet at your fingertips.” If having three ex-Apple employees wasn’t enough, the December after the unveiling, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was elected to Danger’s board of directors.The device’s decade of existence saw it make its way into music videos, commercials, awards shows, a hacking scandal, and on every athlete and A- to B-list celebrity in Tinseltown.The Sidekick didn’t always have its signature swivel screen, and it didn’t always radiate coolness, especially at its inception.

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Une manipulation dont vous n’aurez, je l’espère, pas besoin. Attention : il s’agit de manipulations qui permettent d’effacer le contenu de votre téléphone et de revenir à une configuration d’origine, si vous comptez les utiliser, n’oubliez pas de sauvegarder vos données.