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Russian Financial and Tax Compliance Table Type of Reports Representative Office* Legal Entity and Branch** Office Payment of tax Filing Payment Filing Financial Accounting Reports Balance Sheet with Annexes N/AN/AN/AQuarterly Income Statement N/AN/AN/AQuarterly Report on Change in Capital N/AN/AN/AQuarterly Cash Flow Report N/AN/AN/AQuarterly Report on Use of Funds (for Russian Budgetary Financing)N/AN/AN/AQuarterly Accounting Policy N/AN/AN/AAnnually General Tax Reports Corporate Income Tax Report (including Withholding Tax information)N/AQuarterly Monthly Monthly or Quarterly VAT Report (inclusive of special forms for import/export operations)N/AN/AMonthly Monthly Individual Income Tax reporting Monthly Annually Monthly Annually Unified Social Tax Report Monthly Quarterly Monthly Quarterly Pension Fund Contributions Computation N/AQuarterly N/AQuarterly Provision of employees' personal data to Pension Fund N/AAnnually N/AAnnually Pension Fund Report N/AAnnually N/AAnnually Social Insurance Fund Report N/AQuarterly N/AQuarterly Industrial Accident Insurance Monthly Quarterly Monthly Quarterly Property Tax Report Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly Transport Tax Report Annually Annually Annually Annually Special Taxes and Tax Regimes Reporting Land Tax Report N/AN/AQuarterly Quarterly Mineral Extraction Tax Report N/AN/AMonthly Monthly Excises N/AN/AMonthly Monthly Simplified Tax Regime reporting***N/AN/AQuarterly Quarterly Gambling Tax reporting N/AN/AMonthly Monthly Reports to Statistics Committee report on sold goods (P1)N/AN/AN/AMonthlyreport on investments (P2)N/AN/AN/AQuarterlyreport on financial statement (P3)N/AN/AN/AMonthlyreport on personnel number, salary and movement (P4)N/AN/AN/AMonthlyreport on company activity (P5)N/AN/AN/AQuarterly * Representative office with auxiliary and representation function only, i.e.

having no commercial activity ** For the purposes of Russian Financial and Tax Compliance a Repoffice that creates a permanent establishment is named a Branch *** Inapplicable to Branches Health Care General Information The Russian health care system has seen major improvements in recent years, both in technologies and pharmaceuticals.

Fraudulent drugs are not a major problem in Russia, but be careful and check the dispensed drug before you pay for it.

Some medications including controlled drugs and drugs of dependence (i.e., sedatives and hypnotics; medications to treat the hyperactivity disorders of children; strong pain relievers; and some drugs for diabetics and epileptics) are simply nor available in Russia.

Moscow hosts a number of Western medical clinics that can look after all of your family's health needs.

The clinics are spread out over the city; therefore, regardless of your location, there is sure to be medical provision in the vicinity.

However, in most cases the manufacture is different and, therefore, the drug is identified by a different brand name.If you are on such a medication, please speak to your physician in your home country and a physician at one of the medical clinics in Moscow to find out how to best handle this situation.Vaccinations Russia has no vaccination requirements, but it is a good idea to keep your shots op-to-date.This will outline how we will be handling your move.Whatever the size or complexity of your office relocation, it will be treated with the same dedicated professionalism, commitment and car as an international move - from beginning to end.

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Depending on the particular vehicle, its length, width and height your moving company can determine the volume it will take up in the truck or container and provide you with a quotation.

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